Diagnostic Medical Reflex Hammers

Reflex Hammers by Elite Medical Instruments EMI

EIH-715 Buck Hammer

Features chrome plated handle and comes with brush and needle.

SKU / Color: 1113/Black, 1114/Royal, 1115/Teal

EMI Buck Hammer

EIH-714 Taylor Hammer

Features a 7 1/2" chrome plated handle and hard rubber triangular head.

SKU / Color: 
1110/ Black, 1111/ Royal, 1112/ Teal/1113 Stealth Black

EMI Taylor Hammer

EIH-716 Babinski Hammer

Features chrome plated handle, pointed end tip, and rubber head.
EMI Babinski Hammer

Telescoping Babinski Hammer

Elite Medical Instruments Babinski Telescoping Reflex hammer equipped with pointed end piece for testing nervous system response and a rubber head for reflex reation. Telescoping handle design makes it easier for the user to carry the hammer in pocket.

EMI Telescoping Hammer

EMI PLATINUM SERIES Tromner Neurological Deluxe Reflex Hammer

The Elite Medical Instruments Platinum Series Tromner Hammer Light Handle. This reflex hammer is very versatile. Featuring a 4-in-1 dual mallet-type reflex hammer. Specifically designed for eliciting myotatic and cutaneous responses in adult and pediatric patients. The light weight and ergonomic hammer provides control during percussion force to elicit myotatic reflexes. The tromner hammer also features a Babinski tip at the base of the handle. It can be used to elicit superficial or cutaneous responses, including plantar and abdominal reflexes. The tip, once unscrewed from the handle, has a built-in brush to elicit cutaneous reflexes.
EMI Tromner Hammer


EMI Queen Square Hammer

The Elite Medical Instruments Queen square hammer comes black rubber head, nylon handle with pointed tip, overall length is 12 1/4 inch.

EMI Queen Square Hammer

EMI Wartenberg Medical Neurological Pinwheel

The Elite Medical Instruments Wartenberg Neurological Pinwheel is a medical device for neurological use. Designed the wheel to test nerve reactions (sensitivity) as it rolled systematically across the skin.

EMI Wartenberg Pinwheel