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Scrub Smart Basics Ladies Watch for Nurses - White SW-W-130 (Small)

SCRUB SMART BASICS LADIES WATCH: Introducing the Ladies Scrub Smart Basics Watch in size small, a must-have timepiece for healthcare professionals.

QUARTZ MOVEMENT: This watch is powered by quartz movement, ensuring precise timekeeping for those working in fast-paced medical environments. This watch also is water resistant.

24 HOUR DIAL: The 24-hour dial provides convenience in tracking shifts and appointments, while the easy-to-read design and prominent second hand make time checks effortless, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

DIMENSIONS: The watch's dimensions include a maximum wrist circumference of 16 cm, a total 21 cm length, a 27mm face for clear visibility, and a 12mm band width for a comfortable fit. PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF DIMENSIONS PRIOR TO PURCHASE.

STAINLESS STEEL BACK: With a stainless steel back and a synthetic band, this watch is built to withstand the demands of the healthcare profession. It is the perfect blend of functionality and style, making it an ideal choice for nurses and medical professionals.

WATCH DIMENSIONS: MAX Wrist Circumference 16 CM, 21 CM Length, 27MM Face, 12 MM Band width.


Scrub Smart Basics Nurse Watch with Second Hand - White SW-W-100


Product description

The Perfect Watch for medical students, nurses, and medical professionals who need a second hand. Even better for those on a budget. The Scrub Smart Basics Watch time piece is designed for a variety of workplace applications while enabling the personalization of healthcare. Quartz movement with battery included. Stainless Steel Back. Plastic band. Plastic case. Plastic lens. Water resistant. 

About the product
  • A WATCH FOR MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS: Introducing the Scrub Smart Basics Watch for Nurses (in Black), a timepiece designed with the needs of nurses and medical professionals in mind.

  • QUARTZ MOVEMENT: Powered by quartz movement, this watch ensures accurate timekeeping for busy healthcare settings. Its water-resistant feature adds durability and peace of mind for those working in fast-paced environments.

  • 24 HOUR DIAL: The watch features a 24-hour dial, providing convenience and efficiency in tracking shifts and appointments.

  • EASY TO READ DESIGN: With its easy-to-read design and prominent second hand, time checks become effortless, even during critical moments.

  • WATCH DIMENSIONS: The dimensions of the watch include a 40mm face, total 25cm watch length, and an 18mm band width. It is the perfect accessory for nurses and medical professionals seeking a practical and stylish timekeeping solution. Prior to ordering, please take note of the dimensions to ensure it meets your preferences and requirements.