Diagnostic Medical Penlights

Stainless Steel Penlight Silver EPL-935

  • Penlight with sealed concentric beam to illuminate the eyes, ears, and throat
  • Pupil gauge printed on the body of the penlight for determining pupil size
  • Aluminum Stainless Steel body
  • EPL 955 Penlight


    EPL-915 Disposable Pupil Gauge Diagnostic Pen Light
    Disposable Pen Light with Pupil Gauge.
    Colors: Red, Black, White, Purple

    Disposable Penlight multiple colors


    EPL-931 LED Aluminum Reusable Penlight with Pupil Gauge
    Available in Black, Blue, Red, Purple
    EMI Black Aluminum LED Pupil Gauge Click Penlight


    EPL-911 EMI Diagnostic Pen Light
    Lightweight, reusable diagnostic pen light with pocket clip trigger.